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Extremely low running cost.
The magnetic media (Stainless steel needle magnetized) which are not consumable goods can be used semi-permanently and can be managed very easily. And they are free from rust, wear and tear, and can be recovered simply and easily. The containers are polypropylene containers available on the market, and the largest containers are those used for pickles. For these containers, products found in general household goods stores can be used.
Absolutely no deformation of work pieces
Since each piece of the media moves independently, they do not clog. And since each of them is a permanent magnet, they react to magnetism, in other words, stainless steel needles rotates 360 degrees in all directions and penetrate into surface of minute forms, gaps, inside of pipes and even into one-sided holes and get into contact with everything everywhere to work on them evenly and without deforming anything
Safe and friendly to the natural environment
Even while the machine is in operation, the operator can introduce his hand into the container to inspect the condition or finishing on the work pieces inside. Although the media are moving violently, their touch on the hand is so gentle that anyone can safely introduce his or her hand into the container. As for the detergent liquid, the original solution should be diluted 70 to 100 times with water before it is to be used. Therefore it is weaker than the detergents used in every household and there is no risk of harming the hands. And the waste water and there is absolutely no problem either. If the work pieces are not dirty, the detergent can be replaced by water.
Processed in a short length of time
Although it is difficult to remove large burrs, small and minute burrs, whisker burrs, chips, etc. can be completely removed in about 5 - 10 minutes. As for polishing , although it depends on the coarseness of the foundation surface, about 10 - 20 minutes are generally required. If more time is spent, the coarseness of the surface will improve.
Even inexperienced person can learn to operate quickly
Polishing operation has so far been an area for skilled workers. However, since this machine is so simple to operate, shining surfaces can be polished by any layman.

Effective for cleaning

Cleaning of dirty spots has so far been an area where ultrasonic cleaners have played the major role. However with this machine, depressions or minute spots of work pieces or inside of pipes can be quickly cleaned in a few minutes.

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Introduction | Pritic Technology | Pritic Lineup

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