Frequently Asked Questions For Pritic Series
1 How do we operate?
2 What is the principle?

What models are available in the lines? and how can we select the suitable model?

4 What is the solution liquid used?
5 How often should you change the solution after process?
6 How will the system work in improving surface roughness after polishing?
7 How can I separate work piece and media?

What kinds of industries receive the system?

9 Can the system be used for ferrous material?
Frequently Asked Questions For TOBATAMA Products
1 Who are suppliers for hydrocarbon solvent?
2 What solvents are recommended for cleaning?
Frequently Asked Questions For EMTEC Products
1 Is the throughput of 1 liter per a minute is adequate for our tank capacity?
2 Does the equipment have consumables (parts to be changed periodically)? And how much do they cost?

Can we use the equipment when floating oil is mixed with cutting powder?

4 Can we use the equipment for fluid of more than 80oC?
5 Can we use the equipment on a trolley to use it moving? Or can the equipment be sold with this specification?
6 We would like to install the equipment outdoor. What waterproof measures are taken?
7 Can oil contents solved in water (emulsified) be separated?

How much water contents are mixed in collected and separated oil? And can we recycle the collected and separated oil?

9 Can we use the equipment when lifting height from a basement pit to the ground will reach about 3 m?
10 The fluctuation of fluid level is about 200 mm in the coolant tank between in and out of operation. Can we use the equipment under that condition?

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