We suggest to do sample testing before purchasing our products in order to provide the best solutions for your deburring problem. It also helps you to know exactly how do our machines work on your work pieces.

As soon as we receive the request form, we will respond you by e-mail which includes directions on sending us the samples as a package.

This service is absolutely free of charge! so feel free to request testing at anytime. However, before sending a Sample Request Form, it is extremely important to pay attention to these rules stated below.

1. Materials Only nonferrous metal can be processed
(Ex. aluminum, copper, stainless steel, brass...)
2. Size Basically, smaller pieces are desirable
(Max. 20cm*20cm, for larger pieces contact us here)
3. Quantity 20-100 pieces
(work pieces that are around 1cm, should be about 500g)
4. Duration 7 days - 14 days
(depending on our schedule)
5. Others If you wish to know what kind of work pieces can be processed please check our "Work Pieces" page

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Size of Work Pieces
Postal Code Quantity
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